The Horne Brothers is an innovative entertainment and production company that focuses on creating projects that brings its audience an effervescent perspective of the film making process. The Horne Brothers has years of experience in providing compelling commercials, ground-breaking music videos, and professional photography for both entertainment and corporate industries. When it comes to putting a production together, The Horne Brothers are methodical in their approach. Tyson, Byron and Ryon Horne have a natural knack for combining their vision along with their passion for the process of filmmaking.

Their systematic approach however, comes from the knowledge that they have developed through their respective careers. It is that formula that determined that the time was right for these three brothers to join forces and create an entertainment production company that covers all grounds for success. Going into the film industry with a clear goal to fully express themselves, together these brothers bring expertise in the areas of Photography, Film, Music Production and Writing.

When you put together a blueprint such as this, the possibilities are endless. The Horne Brothers’ determination has paid off, garnering themselves as an upward production company with an emerging list of notable clientele. As long as this Trio continues with the drive, resolve and conviction that are within them, the Horne Brothers are sure to reach the pinnacles of success.

Most Recent Project:
image“The Start of Dreams”, directed by The Horne Brothers, is the story of award-winning director Kenny Leon bringing aspiring teenage actors to a Broadway stage in his annual August Wilson Monologue competition. In a new age where Arts Education is considered expendable in such a penny-pinching economy, Leon is determined to use his celebrity and influence to expose kids across the country to the wonderful world of theatre. Featuring A-list actors like Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and Phylicia Rashad, “The Start of Dream” is packed with Hollywood’s elite weighing in on this important art form and what it means to the United States.